8/21/2011 Lee T.

I’ve been going to Dr. Noorani for over 5 years. He was highly recommended to me, and I’m so grateful. He really saved my teeth. I’ve had 2 or 3 fillings. All of them have held up very well.

Before I found Dr. Noorani, I went  to another dentist who palmed me off on an office hygienist who did a cursory job.   When Dr. Noorani cleans my teeth, it’s very thorough.   He carefully examines each tooth while he gets all that plaque out and he leaves no microbes behind to cause decay.   I recently changed insurances.   Jennifer, his long-time office assistant helped me with checking on what is covered, but I know I need to always double check with my new provider.   I’m paying extra for dental just so I can go back to Dr. Noorani.

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