Angela V., Brooklyn, NY 11/16/2010

This is my family dentist for 18 years, Dr Noorani is patient and professional, he never rushes because he makes sure he schedule enough time for your appointment. Dr. Noorani explains everything that he is doing and always ask you if you are doing ok, he really cares. I was afraid of going to the dentist before I went to Dr. Noorani now I look forward to going to the dentist every 6 months!!

Alison L., Manhattan 3/5/2011

Love this dentist. He  spends quality time on your teeth as well as explaining the most intricate details of what’s going on in your mouth. I always feel welcome and at ease when I’m there. He comes highly recommended.

Alex N., New York, NY 8/12/2010

Best ever!

It is very hard to find a good dentist but this guy is definitely one of them. He has been in business for more than 20 years and he just does enough work on your teeth. Not hard to get an appointment and once you go there, they will reserve you all the time you need for your treatment even if it is in 4 one hour sessions. They also send you bi-annual reminders for check up.

8/21/2011 Lee T.

I’ve been going to Dr. Noorani for over 5 years. He was highly recommended to me, and I’m so grateful. He really saved my teeth. I’ve had 2 or 3 fillings. All of them have held up very well.

Before I found Dr. Noorani, I went  to another dentist who palmed me off on an office hygienist who did a cursory job.   When Dr. Noorani cleans my teeth, it’s very thorough.   He carefully examines each tooth while he gets all that plaque out and he leaves no microbes behind to cause decay.   I recently changed insurances.   Jennifer, his long-time office assistant helped me with checking on what is covered, but I know I need to always double check with my new provider.   I’m paying extra for dental just so I can go back to Dr. Noorani.

7/27/2011 Sam S., Manhattan

Dr. Noorani did a great job with me and I think the services were pretty cheap, considering I have never had dental insurance and such work is normally very expensive.

He took the time to discuss with me what he was doing too, which was nice. Taking into account my lack of insurance, he explained pricing and benefits quite clearly.

Funny story: while I was there I fixed one of his office computers which was supposed to play pandora music (he complained about it to an assistant and I’m just that kind of person) and showed him http://grooveshark.com, which really excited him. Though I protested he might not like my music and I didn’t know any classical/dentist-office appropriate music, he insisted I pick the songs… which just says something about his personality. Meanwhile, I got my teeth cleaned to punk rock music!

5/24/2011 Sandesh S., Manhattan

A good doctor who explains upfront the charges involved. He is also thorough. I would defintely recommend him. My wife is dentist phobic. But he was able to convince her which is good per me. I am awaiting insurance approval for a detailed procedure before  I go back to him.

4/8/2011 Jennifer D., Bronx

Dr. Noorani has been my dentist for more than 20 years.  He has never been anything but straightforward with me regarding how serious a problem I have, whether it has to be done now or whether it can wait a while and he is DEVOTED to dentistry!

Don’t waste your time with high-priced dentists on Park Avenue. Dr. Noorani is the right choice for regular people who want an honest, accommodating professional. It’s like finding an honest, caring and exquisitely good mechanic. Very rare! My highest recommendation!

4/27/2011 Jeremy N., Brooklyn

Dr. Noorani has been my dentist for over a year. I’ve seen him several times, but only for routine cleanings. In my experience, he’s been very professional and has a great bedside manner. His staff are friendly and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone.

4/20/2011 J.L., Manhattan

I’ve never had a root canal before, and it sounds scary. Luckily, I went to Dr. Noorani, whom made the procedure go smoothly. He’s a great dentist, I highly recommend him to everyone! He stays late and is open on the weekend (Sunday), so I don’t have to leave work early to get a cleaning. He even followed up with me on how my tooth was doing after my root canal! He saved my tooth and I got a great deal on it. No surprise bills, paid exactly what he told me.