Partial and Removable Dentures

Partial denture DiagramRemovable partial dentures are another mode of treatment for replacing your lost teeth.

They are generally anchored to the natural teeth through the use of a clasp.  They are generally a bit more cost effective than other forms of treatment.

Full removable dentures, as the term implies, is a prosthetic that can be removed and inserted back by the patient

Fabricating a full denture is a meticulous process that involves the doctor, the patient and a competent laboratory.  Aside from having good jaw bones, careful attention must paid to fabricating good fitting dentures.

In general, there are five steps that are involved in making a denture,  from impression taking to fitting to the insertion of the denture.
Full removable dentures not only restore your lost teeth and masticatory function,  they can  bring back the lost contours of the face and the lip.

A well fabricated full denture can restore and rejuvenate you

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